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In Faërie, you will find two kind of collection: Permanent Collections and Unique Collections.

Permanent Collections

   There are three kinds of collections that are available all the time : The Pixie, the Dryad, the Naïad and the fairy-dragon. My workshop has no stock, I make your jewel to order

Unique Collection

     During the seasons, I instinctively create unique or very limited collections. In these collections are jewels and unique pieces * (see below). In the interest of fairness, I do not take any reservation. The date of the release of a collection is announced two to three weeks in advance on Instagram and Facebook

Welcome to Faërie !

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About Faërie

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Boustifaille & Artisanat Fantastique

My name is Sarah, I'm 26 years old and I've been making jewelry for over 10 years.

Faërie is the jewelry creation brand that I imagined in 2015. Craftswoman and passionate roleplayer, I walk in unusual worlds.

I am inspired by nordic forests, celtic legends and the most beautiful landscapes of this world. I created my workshop in the north of France where I make Jewelry and accessories : necklaces, earrings, bracelets...

Calendar of Events

I travel north of France to exhibit in my fairy shop. I sell unique jewelry and also new collections in preview.

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- Earrings -