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Know How

Faërie creations are made with as much love as delicacy,

they are cruelty free !


Fairy Wings

Fairy Wings are made from high-gloss, non-toxic resin and sprinkled with glitter. They are often accompanied by these wonderful Swarovski crystals. Like naiads, the wings are water resistant



Some creations are adorned with realistic flowers and leaves. These elements come from the United Kingdom and are made of silk.



The workshop uses four alloys: Steel, Gold Plated Brass, 925 Sterling Silver and Bronze. Each of them is surgical, stainless, lead free and nickel free.



It can happen that the chain of your jewel blackens. The quality of the jewel is not necessarily in question. Regularly clean the chain of your creation to avoid this phenomenon.


For steel : polish with clean rag and some natural soap or with a lemon dipped in salt.


For Silver 925 : clean with a small brush and lemon juice, vinegar or toothpaste.


For gold plated : Brush gently with soapy water or soak in water and baking soda.


Always dry the chain well with a clean, dry cloth.


Scented candles_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The craft candles are made of soy wax on the theme of fairyland. They are scented with fragrances from Grasse that meet European standards (guaranteed without CMR) and are decorated with real dried flowers and high quality gemstones. All containers are recyclable


Fairy gardens under glass bell

Each glass bell is hand blown in France. Each piece is UNIQUE and made according to my inspirations. They celebrate Sabbaths and are a tribute to nature.


glass bell

Each glass bell is blown by hand, in France.

Each piece is UNIQUE and made with the sandstone of my inspirations. They celebrate the pagan sabbats throughout the seasons and pay homage to the original nature. 


Packages _

All creations are delicately packaged and slipped into a pouch with some dried rose petals. The cartons used are recycled and recyclable.



To preserve the shiny Wings, it is advisable to store your jewel away from the dust when it is not worn . It is strongly discouraged to wear jewelry if the PH of your skin is particularly acidic or during sporting activity and periods of hot weather, the acidity of the skin can discolour the materials (even stainless) this phenomenon is called browning. .

It is not recommended to apply cosmetics, dishwashing liquid, bleach, perfumes and hairsprays. It is possible that these products cause a blackening effect and seriously attacks your jewel. 

 It is advisable to store each of your jewelry in a box. To avoid, for example, that the metal does not oxidize in contact with gold. This chemical reaction is completely normal. 

To avoid breaking your jewel, do not forget to remove it to sleep

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