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Who am I

Passionate about folk stories by the fireside, my name is Sarah and I live in basse Normandie, in the Orne (France). I have always been fascinated by the medieval fantasy world and art, which is why I put the two together to make one of my dreams come true : Create my magical workshop.

I spend most of my time in my atelier, alternating work between the workbench where I practice my profession as a jewelry designer and interior designer and my office where I scriptwrite a roleplay scenarios. If the second is a hobby, it nonetheless inspires the first because these two passions have become inseparable.



F aërie refers to the storybook "Faërie" by JRR Tolkien which inspired me to start my creations. It is one of the great resources in which I immerse myself from time to time.



T he whole world inspires me and fascinates me, because without it I would not have created mine. I have a predominant interest in Nordic culture, medieval times and tales and legends Ancient Scandinavians (Ugro-Finnish mythology, Kalevala...). These inspirations that have shaped the imagination of authors of famous novels, music and video games. And finally, I love snow, Lappish forests and large frozen lakes !



I have been making jewelry in an autodidact and instinctive way for a few years. During my apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to work with various materials such as cold porcelain, clay, wood, solid silver and gemstones. My primary objective is to design quality pieces, to offer original and fine jewelry while remaining faithful to my universe. I ended up moving towards jewelry evoking nature and decorative ornaments with a youthful breath.



I have always preferred handcrafted creations to offer or to decorate my interior. Whether shaped by the hands of another creator or mine, the work has an unique aura, just like its creator.



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