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My name is Sarah, I live in Lille in France and I am passionate about daydreaming and other imaginary fantasies. the medieval fantasy and handmade fascinated me, so I reconciled the two to create my magical workshop. I spend most of my time constantly developing new aspects of the profession, and my office writing role-playing scenarios. These two passions are complementary and feed each other.


Faërie® is a homage to J.R.R.Tolkien's storybook. I like reading fairy tales and inspiring them.


I have a predominant affection for nordic culture, the medieval world and ancient scandinavian tales and legends. These inspirations have shaped the imagination of authors of famous novels, music and video games. Also, I like white forests and frozen lakes.


 have been making jewelry instinctively for over 10 years. During my apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to work with various materials, such as porcelain, clay, wood, silver and gemstones. My goal was to design quality pieces, to propose original and delicate jewels.


I' privilege realizations hand-made to make gifts or to decorate my house.




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